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Winter Jackets

Winter Jackets

It is not easy to think about looking good when the temperatures dip, but we know that presenting yourself in the best possible light still boils down to great fit. Great fit generally means choosing clothing that works well with your body type. Sleeves that are too long and pants that bunch up around your ankles are the most glaring signs of poor fit, but many men do not realize that overall scale and proportion are important too.

In the coldest months you want to stay warm and that doesn’t have to mean wearing bulky clothes. One of the most versatile and bestselling items is our Lightweight Down Jacket, which is an example of a garment that provides sufficient warmth without adding bulk. Down offers this property and can keep you warm even with just a T-shirt underneath. This jacket is packable unto itself so it’s ideal for when you need to transition from overheated indoor environments to chilling temperatures outside.

If you need a slightly more formal look, our Wool Cashmere Topcoat is another great staple. Many of our team members enjoy wearing the Topcoat over a very casual outfit for a juxtaposition that really works in today’s athleisure boom. Mixing tailored pieces with casual clothes is a way to stand out in a crowd without looking like you are trying to be different. Of course our Topcoat is designed in a classic cut that looks good over a suit jacket as well, making it one of the most versatile items in our lineup.

We also like to layer our Flatiron Vest underneath the Topcoat for a suave look popularized in the streets of Milan. A vest keeps your core warm and it adds an extra element of visual interest in your outfit.

Of course, some days require an extremely warm jacket. This is where our Winter Parka comes into play. It’s fleece-lined and has a detachable hood to protect you from powerful gusts. Even our most intense winter jacket isn’t too bulky and has a sleek enough silhouette that it can be worn with a suit.

Another way to add style to your winter look is with one of our Scarves. They are made with cashmere from the Italian brand Portolano, ensuring comfort and durability, and ours are done in a length that is ideal for the not-so-tall guy.

So there you have it. You don’t need a lot of winter jackets, just a couple of quality pieces that will have you looking sharp, while you brave the great outdoors and/or holiday travel!

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