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Fit Guide

At Peter Manning, we have developed a proprietary size system based on height, weight and body type, specifically designed for the ’not-so-tall’ guy.

Shorter Body Length Proportionate Leg Opening Shorter Inseams Proper Sleeve Length Properly Scaled Details No Pirate Arms Perfect Rise

Shorter Body Length

Our 'hybrid hem' allows you to wear your shirt comfortably tucked or untucked (but without hanging down to your knees, like traditional brands!).

Proportionate Leg Opening

Most pants have a tapered leg, so when you shorten them, you lose the taper, resulting in a disproportionately large leg opening (often covering your nice shoes!).  Not here!

Shorter Inseams

The biggest pain point for many guys, and our bread and butter.  With inseams starting at 25 inches, there'll be no more stacking at the ankles!

Proper Sleeve Length

A crucial one for our guys.  Our shirts will accommodate your neck, chest and shoulders, without being too long in the arm.  No more bunching up at the wrist, or hanging over your hands!

Properly Scaled Details

We've designed everything on shirts from the ground up, so even collars, cuffs and chest pockets are the right size and sit in the right place!

No Pirate Arms

By eliminating the excess fabric, we do away with the big, billowy arms of traditional shirts.  No pirate arms here.  Aye aye, matey!

Perfect Rise

If the rise in your pants is too long, the crotch will hang too low.  We keep our rise proportionate, so you avoid this unsightly look!

Our Proprietary Size System

Based on height, weight and body type, with slim, standard and broad cuts available. Use the chart here or let our size calculator do the work for you!

Size Imperial / Metric
5’ 7” – 5’ 10” / 145 – 160 lbs
170 - 178cm / 65 - 73kg
5’ 5” – 5’ 8” / 130 - 145 lbs
165 - 173cm / 58 - 66kg
5’ 3” – 5’ 6” / 115 - 130 lbs
160 - 168cm / 52 - 59kg
5’ 1” – 5’ 4” / 105 - 120 lbs
155 - 163cm / 48 - 54kg
5’ 3” – 5’ 6” / 140 - 160 lbs
160 - 168cm / 63 - 73kg
5’ 6” – 5’ 10” / 160 - 180 lbs
168 - 178cm / 73 - 82kg
5’ 6” – 5’ 10” / 180 - 200 lbs
168 - 178cm / 82 - 91kg


Shirts, Polos, Ts, Henleys

Our shirts are made with shorter sleeve and body length, as well as properly scaled collars and cuffs. With 10 sizes, including SLIM, STANDARD and BROAD cuts, it’s a guaranteed perfect fit right out of the box!

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Casual, Denim, Dress

Our pants are designed with shorter inseams, a proper rise and proportionate leg opening.  With 50 sizes, including inseams starting at 25 inches, we've got you covered!  No alterations needed!

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We have taken the same care with outerwear, designing it from the ground up for our guys, because jackets shouldn't fit like tents!  No more looking like you're wearing your dad's coat!

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Need Help?

Hopefully, our Size Calculator and Size Chart are enough to choose your size, but if not, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to help, and we want to get it right!


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