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Why we offer three types of button-up shirts

Why we offer three types of button-up shirts

First things first. We call them 'button-up' shirts as opposed to 'button-down.' Technically, button-down shirts refer to the collar, an inherently more casual style where the points of the collar are fastened to the body of the shirt with buttons.  Button-up shirts are shirts that button up the front and typically have a placket and a collar. 

Our Everyday Shirts feature a button-down collar for versatility. These days men's style is more casual, and we believe this type of shirt works across the widest range of situations. What's great about the button-down collar is you can wear it with a tie or without, fastened or unfastened. Some guys like to wear a loosely tied tie with a button-down collar, leaving the buttons unfastened—for a relaxed but still natty look.

Brooks Brothers invented this collar type in 1896 with roots in polo players. In 2017, it's perfectly acceptable to wear this type of shirt with a sports jacket or jeans. 

First up, our Dress Shirt

With a suit or for more formal occasions, we recommend our Dress Shirt, which has a spread collar (frames a tie beautifully!) and a slightly longer body length so it stays tucked in. Unlike dress shirts from other brands, however, ours won't be so long as to give you the appearance of wearing a skirt, and there won't be a lot of excess fabric around your arms or torso. Extra volume in these areas is never great for us. The Peter Manning Dress Shirts are made with high quality 80s or 100s 2-ply fabrics, and come in a range of styles to suit your work-week and special-event needs.

Suitable for any situation

Our Everyday Shirt works well if your workplace is a bit less formal. If you own your own business, work in the creative department or at a dot-com company, the Peter Manning Everyday Shirt allows you to look really put together (but not stuffy) compared to your co-workers. As mentioned, this shirt features a button-down collar and a body length allowing it to be worn tucked in or out. It's our most versatile shirt and thus a customer favorite. 

An old favorite

Finally, the team at Peter Manning NYC swears by our Weekend Shirt (it's the first button up shirt we made) for its perfect fit and relaxed and comfortable look. This shirt is made both with button-down collars and without, and is designed to be worn un-tucked. Before we came along, most shirts intended to be worn un-tucked were simply too long to look right on guys our height. Ours will hit at just the right spot though, halfway down your zipper, so you can feel confident and comfortable. 

Different fabrics, same great fit

While our Dress Shirts are only made from the finest cotton oxfords and poplins, we like to switch things up with our Everyday and Weekends Shirts.  You might find either style in a sunny gingham or a brushed flannel, a plaid or a stripe or a simple solid color.  In all their incarnations they are shirts made just for the "not-so-tall" guy and so whatever the material, fit is what makes a Weekend Shirt or Everyday Shirt special. 

So that's the simple explanation for what makes each of our shirt types different. We wear them all equally in rotation depending on what our day will bring—work, play or more formal adventures. And we're always looking to add more options. Feedback, as always, is most welcome so we can continue to deliver what you want. Send us a note at

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