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When something fits and makes you feel great, stock up

When something fits and makes you feel great, stock up

The best thing about wearing great fitting clothes is how good it makes you feel. When we find something that works we tend to buy in multiples, so that getting dressed is easy. There’s also something to be said about wearing a daily uniform. Why wouldn’t you wear your favorite outfit everyday?

Here are some of our favorite pieces we own multiples of:

Classic (Standard) Fit Chinos in Olive: These pants fit so well and go with our Heather Grey V Neck Ts as well as the Everyday Shirt in White, our top picks for shirts in our daily rotation. The Olive color works in all seasons and lets your sneaker choice do all the talking. Chinos can be worn in most situations and we enjoy wearing them very casually with classic sneakers like Converse Jack Purcells.

V Neck T in Heather Grey: It’s easy to wear a V Neck as your first layer every day. V Neck Ts offer a nice distinction from regular crewnecks and don’t show if worn underneath a button-up. Heather Grey matches easily to other colors as it plays as the foundation for brighter colors that may be part of your wardrobe.

James Polo in Black: Black pique polo shirts are versatile. They can be worn with faded jeans, wool dress pants or any color chinos. We keep several of these in our rotation; some we wear and wash more often, and some we keep fresh for those occasions when a crisp black polo is the perfect finishing touch on an outfit.

Everyday Shirt in White: Every guy looks good in a classic white button-up shirt. Our Everyday Shirt is the most versatile in our lineup and like the Black James Polo, we keep multiples of these in our rotation. It’s a basic piece that always elevates everything else we are wearing.

Chino Shorts in Navy: Again, the common thread here is items that will never go out of style. Navy works with the grey shirts we’ve put on this list and with most other colored shirts too. Just don’t wear a navy T-shirt that is too close to the shade of the shorts.

While these are simply suggestions for items worth stocking up on, we are firm believers that once you discover what works best for you, you should replicate the look over and over again. Our choices here err on the side of the conservative color spectrum, but don’t be afraid to make bolder colors or patterns part of your daily rotation. Our personal style is a way to make a subtle statement as to who you are and what you believe in.

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