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Shirts for Shorter Men

Shirts for Shorter Men

shirts for short men

One of the most frustrating items in a wardrobe for short men is basic button up shirts--whether it's a button-up dress shirt or casual shirt. A proper-fitting shirt looks incredible on a man. It will accentuate his shoulders and chest, and flatter his natural proportions. That said, the margin for error is small. A button-up shirt that is too long, billowy or has sleeves that end at the knuckles makes a man look sloppy and unkempt. There’s no way around it.

Check our our model Erick wearing a medium shirt from another brand:

Shirt too long

Fortunately, we've nailed the proper-fitting shirt for short guys here at Peter Manning NYC. Our proprietary system offers six sizes (ranging from 1-4XL) to fit a range of heights, weights and body types. Our shirts are made with the correct sleeve length; collar, cuff and pocket proportions; and body length. Not only do they fit well, but we’ve delivered a standard of quality, sourcing soft and durable fabrics, that will hold up over time. Others may not be able to pinpoint why you look good wearing one of our shirts, but the compliments will roll in, and we enjoy the subtleness of this effect.

shirts with shorter sleeve lengths

How do you nail that sweet spot for fit?

Let’s start with the shoulders

Why? Getting this right is the key to projecting confidence. The shirt’s shoulder seams should sit just at the edge of your shoulders (right atop that bone) for a proper look. Don't let them droop over the shoulders and down your arm.

And now the sleeves

The sleeve length is crucial too, especially if you are wearing a suit jacket or sport coat over your shirt. The cuff should hit the base of your thumb, leaving no more than a half inch of cuff peeking from your jacket sleeve. A good general guideline is your jacket sleeve should end at your wrist bone. Our guys all-too-often are stuck with shirt sleeves hanging over the base of their hands - no good.

dress shirts for short men

Photo by

Body length

This aspect is probably the most critical to get right. If you are tucking in your shirt, the length can be longer, but not so long that you end up having excess material in your pants, which is uncomfortable and unflattering. Dress shirts shouldn't fit, well, like a dress! Peter Manning shirts are designed to stay comfortably tucked in and also allow for a smooth transition between the intersection of the shirt and the belt line. We don’t want that area of the body to look any wider than it is. Our 'hybrid hem' allows for these shirts to be worn untucked as well, without looking sloppy or too long. An untucked shirt shouldn't fall more than halfway down your backside.

We have three different designs to accommodate all looks, from dressed up to casual, and everything in between. See how far proper body length can take you!

denim shirt for short men

The Chest

This dimension is relatively simple to gauge. The chest area should fit on the tighter side, but not so tight that it constrains your arm movement, is at all uncomfortable, or looks like the buttons are about to pop! 

The Body

We offer slim fit and classic fit shirts for short men. This takes into account both body type and age. We recommend that the body of a shirt be appropriately close to the body, but not hug your torso. 

To start improving your appearance, visit our online shop for shirts for short men.

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