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3 Levels of Work-From-Home Outfits

3 Levels of Work-From-Home Outfits
No matter how settled you are into your work-from-home routine, we can all use some style inspiration from time to time. Whether you're committed to the "camera-off" Zoom lifestyle or still dressing to impress, or at least maintain a sense of familiarity, we have you covered with 3 levels of WFH outfits listed from most casual to most dressed up.
1. Straight Out of Bed
Look, we have all been there (some more often than others). You roll out of bed, commute to your desk, and start your work day. It may be the single biggest perk of living in your workplace. But, if your PJs drag on the floor, or you're swimming in your t-shirt, consider revitalizing that comfortable uniform with our Pajama Pants and a Crew Neck T-Shirt. We definitely don't recommend this look for those of you that have face time during the work day, but for everyone else, why not?!
2. The In-Between
This one is really the perfect balance between keeping a 'normal' routine while benefitting from the home office. It's comfortable but not overtly. Start with a pair of stretch denim like our Slim Johnny Jeans and add a buttery-soft Cotton Cashmere Shirt. Then, for a little extra warmth, toss on a Classic Hoodie. This outfit captures the best of both worlds!
3. Dressed for the Office
We know you're out there, those dashing men dressing like that call to return to the office is coming any minute! Hey, more power to you for knowing the power of clothing and how it can put you in the mindset to be professional and productive. If that's you, consider this outfit. The pants are Grey Flannel Essex Dress Pants paired with a Burgundy Grey Gingham Everyday Oxford and completed with a perfectly-fitting off-the-rack Navy Blazer. It's not WFH casual, but you already know that.

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