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Best Spring Jackets for Shorter Men

Best Spring Jackets for Shorter Men

Style-wise, spring/transition-season jackets are our favorites because outerwear becomes less about function and more about looks. You don't need the practicality of a winter parka protecting you from the elements.

Because it's even more evident when a lighter spring jacket doesn't fit well, we urge you to explore the many options we offer. We've proudly grown our outerwear line with input from customers. It's tough and expensive to make alterations to outwear, so thankfully our team has had the opportunity to input customer feedback into what we think is a versatile lineup for shorter men.

The Best Spring Jackets for Shorter Men

Harrington jacket for short men

One of our customer favorites has been the Harrington Jacket. It's from a classic lineage (England's Baracuta G9) and our version carries over all of the hallmarks of the original, down to the plaid lining. The cut is versatile enough to accommodate a sweater or sweatshirt. But it can be easily worn with just a T-shirt underneath and not look too roomy. Although it's a casual jacket, the Harrington would pair nicely with a button-up (and tie) too.

Think of the Carnegie Coat as your spring topcoat

You don't need it to be drizzling out to wear our Carnegie Coat. It features a lining that's removable so the jacket is adaptable for what can be serious temperature fluctuations this time of year.

We like to think of the Carnegie Coat as our lighter topcoat because you can elevate any outfit just by adding this as your final touch. Not feeling like getting out of your sweatpants and sweatshirt? Throw this on. Need a spring coat that looks great with a sport jacket? This fits that occasion too.

Raincoat for short men

As you know, we suggest avoiding oversized jackets as a shorter man, like the one pictured below. The baggy, too-long arms and roomy body make for an unflattering look.

The perfect antidote to the too-loose, too-big jacket is a Denim Jacket that fits relatively close to the body. Of course there are range of body types, but in the case of the classic denim trucker jacket, a loose fit isn't what it was intended for. 

There is a major difference between tight and slim. You should feel comfortable in the chest area with your denim jacket buttoned (even if you never wear it buttoned). 

We grab our denim jacket as much as we can during the spring because it will automatically pull together the most basic outfits. Of course, it's also a classic that will never go out of style. That's a reason so many of the clothes at PMNYC are designed to be trend-proof.

Denim jacket for short men

One note: You can wear a denim jacket with jeans, but just make sure the wash of the jeans contrasts with the jacket. To play it safe, pull on some chinos.

A waxed jacket will age beautifully

Now, shorter guys can get the same benefits of a cotton waxed jacket that only taller men enjoyed in the past. Of course you could've forced yourself into a small or medium that didn't fit so well, but now you don't have to with the Peter Manning Waxed Jacket in black or olive.

waxed jacket for short men

The harder you wear a waxed jacket, the better it gets. It's one of our most rugged pieces and is suitable for colder days as well because it has a quilted lining.

Are you a vest guy?

For these between season, transitional periods, a great vest is essential. We love vests because they're both stylish and versatile, workable into many outfits.

vests for short men

Our Flatiron Vest, pictured below, can be dressed up or down, and can be fashionably worked underneath a jacket too. You can get the look made famous by Italian men and their gilets (a fancier word for what we call our vests, that are thin enough to wear underneath another coat.)

Choose your personal look

Like we mentioned in the introduction, spring jackets can be as much about looks as function. Have some fun with it and up your style, while also managing the temperature fluctuations this spring. 

Pictured below are other items worth considering.

  1. Our Field Jacket (shown in camo) is one of our original products and continues to be a year-round bestseller.
  2. The Lightweight Down Vest is sportier than our Flatiron Vest. Most of our staff own both.
  3. Have you tried our Flannel Shirt Jacket

jackets for short men

Have fun building your outfit and owning more than one spring jacket is recommended. Our team will rotate between our entire line to keeps things fresh.

Just remember, it’s all about fit. Fit is the most important aspect of style. If your clothes fit, you’re going to look great. If they don’t, then nothing else really matters (price, brand, colors).

Focus on fit, and shop with brands that understand fit, and you’ll look and feel great.

If you’re a shorter man, be sure to check out Peter Manning NYC to browse the largest selection of outerwear for short men in the world.

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