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Ultimate Guide to T-Shirts for Shorter Guys

Ultimate Guide to T-Shirts for Shorter Guys

Almost every company sells some form of t-shirt. The quality and fit are what make Peter Manning Vintage Crew T-shirts pure luxury.

Fine Peruvian Pima cotton

The first thing you’ll notice when you touch our Vintage Crew T-shirts is how soft and luxurious they feel. Our t-shirts are made with fine Peruvian Pima cotton. While you may not know the mechanics of why they feel and look so much better than most other cottons, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Pima cotton is the elite of cotton. It comprises less than 10% of the worldwide production of all cottons. The Gossypium barbadense variety requires year-round warm temperatures to grow, so it’s not suitable for most climates. Even though the species has been cultivated since 3000 BC in the West Indies, South America and South Carolina it’s named for the Pima Indians of Arizona who helped the USDA cultivate the plant after a blight nearly wiped out the cotton crops in the early 1900’s. 

The northern coastal valleys of Peru offer perfect growing conditions for this unique cotton plant; year-round temperatures generally don’t drop down to frost levels which would kill the plants, and they have a rich soil that retains the perfect moisture balance.

Pima cotton is one of the finest cottons available – many preferring it even to Egyptian cotton for its better breathability. This tree-like plant produces extra-long staple fibers that are twice as long as most cottons.

Extra-long staple Pima cotton is softer, smoother, more durable, and resists pilling much better than most other types of cotton.


Peruvian Pima cotton is hand-picked rather than relying on a mechanized harvest. The advantage, while more labor intensive, is that there are far fewer impurities so the color of the cotton itself is whiter and brighter. Also, the fibers won’t be harmed in the harvesting so they’ll be longer, further increasing durability.  

Pima cotton plants produce fibers that are naturally softer than most other cotton species. Because Peruvian growers use a species that is pest resistant, perfect for their environment, and manufacturers rely more heavily on hand production, there are far fewer chemicals needed to grow and process the cotton. This is not only more sustainable, but produces a much better product.

Peter Manning Vintage Crew-necked t-shirts are made with Peruvian Pima cotton. Once you touch them, you’ll feel the difference. Once you wear them, you‘ll notice the nice drape, its breathability, moisture wicking, extra softness, and rich texture. After washing and wearing them, you’ll find that they retain their shape, don’t pill, and will last much longer than your other cotton clothing.

Proportionally designed fit

Note the proper sleeve length and width, shoulder seam placement, and overall body length

First, our fit is specifically designed for shorter men. Your t-shirt sleeves won’t hang down around your elbows, your shoulder seams will truly be at your shoulder, and your shirts won’t drag down past your hips.

In addition to being visually dumpy-looking, long t-shirts are too bulky to tuck into pants. This limits their usability. After all, there are times when you want to use a t-shirt as the bottom layer with a vest or sport coat for a casual dressy look. Having the t-shirt either showing down on your thighs or creating a bulky roll tucked into your jeans is a big don’t!

Sloppy, too-big t-shirts are a big DON’T

Peter Manning Pima t-shirts provide the proper fit. You won’t be swimming in your clothing. Instead, you will present a polished, sleek look.

Fit & finish that make a difference

Untitled photo

Our Vintage Crew T-shirts are finished in surf city wash so they’ll look and feel broken-in on their first wearing. With 7 sizes engineered for the shorter man, and a variety of colors to choose from, there is a T-shirt for every person and every outfit. 

You may notice that the banding at the neck is narrower than some other brands. This gives it a dressier appearance and is more proportionally balanced. These t’s don’t look like you opened a package of underwear to wear as outerwear.

These long wearing, yet elegant T-shirts work perfectly as your bottom layer under an overshirt, sweater, vest, or hoodie in cooler weather. We’ve left off the chest pocket to ensure that you get a smooth, unbroken look. They’re also elegant enough to wear on their own in hot weather. 

Pima cotton has a bit more stretch than some other cottons, so whether you are using it for activewear or casual elegance, the shirt will move with you without suffering the bagginess you’ll find in regularly sized T-shirts. The Pima cotton also offers better breathability and moisture wicking ability to keep you as cool as possible.

Final thoughts…

T-shirts are such an essential part of your wardrobe, yet few people give them the consideration they deserve. Finding a t-shirt that fits properly, is durable, and that is so much more comfortable than the average t-shirt adds immeasurably to your style and dressing enjoyment. 

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