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Killer Combos: 5 Perfect Color Combinations to Try This Season

Killer Combos: 5 Perfect Color Combinations to Try This Season


We’ve all been there: 15 minutes to get up, get showered, get dressed, and get out the door. On days like this, the last thing we want is to get hung up in the closet, trying to mix and match colors for a decent-looking outfit to wear.

Luckily, there are a few timeless color combinations that will never steer you wrong. Turn to these when in doubt, and make it easy on yourself. 


Blue and White

Blue and white are two classic colors in menswear and for good reason. They pair well together and aren’t relegated to a particular setting or occasion. Make it light, dark, or any shade in between. No matter the season or the time of day, blue and white is arguably the most versatile duo of this group.

From a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans to a navy suit and white dress shirt, you can’t go wrong pairing these two popular colors.


Blue jeans and a white tee made famous by Bruce.
This fall, keep it simple with a denim jacket overtop a white henley with a pair of neutral grey kittredge cords. It’s basic but, with fitted sleeves, shirt length, and inseam, it certainly isn’t plain.

Or for a more elevated look, try pairing the blue university stripe everyday shirt with navy slim stretch cotton dress pants. These pants are casual enough to work on their own, or can be dressed up with a matching jacket. Top it off with a neutral piece like a black flatiron vest to add even more depth to the outfit.


Navy and Burgundy

Navy and burgundy is a favorite because the lower-contrast hues streamline your look, making us ‘not-so-tall’ guys appear taller. Their tones also lend themselves to more minimal looks that are distinctive without being loud.


To be clear, navy and burgundy does not equal blue and red. What makes this pair work are the dark, rich colors. If you look like a flag, you’ve been led astray.


A casual outfit that does this color combo right is a pair of navy everywhere pants with a cotton quarter zip sweater overtop a blue weekend oxford.  As this shirt is designed to be worn untucked, it’ll provide the perfect ‘peeking out’ from beneath the sweater.


For another casual option that can take you around town in style, try sporting a burgundy long sleeve polo underneath a navy harrington jacket with a pair of neutral black travel jeans.


Black and Grey

An all black outfit makes for a simple and sophisticated look, but can sometimes come across as a little too Johnny Cash. Mixing black with grey is a great (and easy) way to add visual interest and make your look more unique and memorable.

Our advice is to start with a pair of black slim fit jeans, with which several options can be paired. Either the charcoal cotton cashmere shirt or the light grey variant will provide a sharp, put-together look (tucked in or out,  by the way). On colder days, a light grey zegna merino wool crew neck sweater will keep you warm, and can be thrown over an oxford or a henley. Our black waxed jacket rounds out this outfit well, especially with its faded black contrast to the darker black jeans.


Brown and Green

Sometimes, you don’t have to look further than mother nature herself for complimentary colors. In the right tones, brown and green go really well together. And, more than any of the other color combinations, this one lends itself to experimentation. Different shades of brown play differently with different shades of green.


Stick to shades of green found in nature like forest green, olive or moss; but try things out and go with what makes you feel the most comfortable.

In the spirit of being outdoorsy, consider brown corduroy pants, a tan plaid everyday flannel. and an olive or camo field jacket.


For a different vibe, you cannot go wrong with khaki slim fit chinos and a hunter green zegna merino wool v-neck sweater. Add our brown leather jacket, cut unlike any leather jacket you’ve ever tried, if the weather calls for another layer.


Black and White

Lastly, no color combination guide would be complete without going classically monochrome with black and white. It has never gone out of style and rightfully so. It works on the street, in the office, and at the most formal of events. You can never go wrong with black and white.

For an easy look to pull off, go black slim fit jeans, white crew neck t-shirt, and black leather jacket. Enough said.


If you need to clean up a bit more, black essex dress pants and a white james polo work well on their own for a casual yet sophisticated look. Rounding this out with a matching black dress jacket can take you from business casual to just business in a snap. And of course, our tuxedo is the ultimate black and white piece, should the event call for it. Designed to fit right out of the box, this will be the best-fitting tux you’ve ever worn - guaranteed! 

So that’s it. Blue and white, navy and burgundy, black and grey, brown and green, and black and white. With these five killer combos, you should never fear running out of color inspiration again. Take note of these outfits and you’ll always have a few fail-proof combinations you can rely on.



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