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7 Ways to Wear Black Jeans

7 Ways to Wear Black Jeans

Black jeans are a versatile option for the colder months, as they can be styled a countless number of ways. Needless to say, it can feel a bit overwhelming to decide on an outfit, when you’re staring at all of the options in your wardrobe. So, read on and discover 7 great ways to style your black denim this season.


The Jeans

Before you can start pulling together outfits, it’s best to make sure you’ve found a pair of jeans that fits well, from the cut to the rise to the inseam. Too wide a cut can leave your legs looking overly baggy. Too high a rise will leave your crotch hanging too low. And too long an inseam?… Well, we’ve all been there.


We appreciate the denim, but Don Cheadle (who stands at 5’8”) could have benefited from a shorter inseam.

For a refresher on how to find and wear jeans generally, be sure to check out Jeans for Shorter Men: The Ultimate Guide. Once you have your denim, give these black denim looks a spin.

Outfit #1 With a Pop of Color

Everything goes with black, right? Take advantage of the simplicity of an all black outfit by adding a pop of color to the outfit. Adding in a shirt or a jacket or even an accessory that breaks up the outfit will make your look that much more unique and memorable. 

For an outfit that keeps the pop to a middle layer, try pairing black jeans with a Moss Cotton Pullover, and a Black Lightweight Down Jacket.

Or, if you want to show that color off a bit more, consider black jeans, a Black Long Sleeve Polo, and an Camo Tribeca Field Jacket.


Outfit #2 Denim on Denim

There’s a misconception that you can’t pair denim with denim. And, while we wouldn’t necessarily recommend breaking out the Canadian Tuxedo, there is nothing wrong with pairing a denim top with jeans so long as it’s done right.

In all seriousness, leave this look in 2001.


The key here is contrast. Pairing two pieces of denim that are too similar in color and distressing definitely runs the risk of looking a bit off, while a medium wash shirt and black denim looks great because of the contrast.

No need to overcomplicate things with this one. Just two items can still look thought-out and put-together. Pair your black jeans with a Medium Wash Denim Shirt or the PMNYC Denim Jacket for a well-balanced, casual denim on denim outfit. 


Outfit #3 Monochrome

Color isn’t everyone’s thing; we get it. If that sounds like you, consider this elevated take on a grey t-shirt and jeans. With only a few minor changes, your everyday t-shirt and jeans can turn into a smart, yet still casual, monochromatic outfit.

Start with black jeans, add in a Light Grey Henley, and finish it off with a Charcoal Fulton Wool Cashmere Topcoat; or, if you’re looking for a PMNYC take on a rugged classic, the Black Wax Jacket. It’s really that easy, so don’t over complicate it.


Outfit #4 With a Leather Jacket

You definitely don’t have to ride a motorcycle or be a pilot in order to pull off a leather jacket. Definitely considered one of the coolest pieces of outerwear a man can have, the leather jacket also has a lot of versatility, if done right.

This outfit’s “talk” comes entirely from the Black Lambskin Leather Jacket, so keep it simple everywhere else. In our opinion, black jeans and a Heather Grey Cotton Pullover offer the perfect base.


Outfit #5 Smart

Looking sharp doesn’t have to mean breaking out a suit. And you often don’t need a tie these days. Though both of those have their place, more and more of us don’t necessarily need to get all dressed up on a daily basis. For a look that’s more casual while maintaining a certain smart, crisp quality, try this out.

Starting with your black jeans, toss on a Blue Easy Care Dress Shirt, and Grey Zegna Merino Wool V-Neck Sweater. This look alone looks great and you could stop here, but if you’re in need of another layer in the colder months, finish it off with a Black Fulton Wool Cashmere Topcoat.


Outfit #6 Get Comfortable

For those days where you just feel like taking it easy, consider this super easy outfit.

Toss on a pair of black jeans and a Washed Grey Pullover Hoodie and call it good. The key here is that, in addition to the jeans being well-fitted, the hoodie is also well-proportioned. Not all hoodies were created equal and if there was one way to go wrong with this outfit, it would be to toss on a hoodie with way too much bagginess in the body and sleeves. You won’t find that with ours of course!


Outfit #7 Embrace the All Black

Lastly, if you’re going to wear black jeans, feel free to fully embrace it and go all black. All black outfits look inherently sharp and put together with very little effort. So, take advantage of it!

All you need is two pieces: black jeans and a Black Zegna Merino Wool Crew Neck Sweater. Toss on a black or dark grey scarf for a little visual interest or leave it as is. 


Like we said, black jeans can be styled endlessly and this is by no means a comprehensive list of the possibilities. But if you’re stuck looking at a drawer full of clothes with no idea where to begin, give some of these outfits a try.

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