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The Guide to Pants for Shorter Men

The Guide to Pants for Shorter Men

You may think that it’s no big deal to always have your pants hemmed because you are short. We’re here to tell you otherwise.

Men who are short should not have to pay a 'tailor tax' everytime they purchase a pair of pants from a traditional brand. Peter Manning NYC offers pants (jeans, chinos, dress pants and more) with inseams starting at 25 inches. Furthermore our pants are completely redesigned with shorter men in mind, from the rise, to the knee break, to the ankle opening, to the pocket placement.

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Our most popular pants are our jeans. It makes sense because most men can wear jeans in every situation, even in more casual office environments. It’s the cornerstone of many men’s wardrobes. Ours are made with high quality denim and are available in a variety of washes and fits.

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We encourage you to add a mix of chinos to your collection as well. Sometimes referred to as 'khakis' (a popular color), chinos can be worn in any situation where jeans can be worn; but are also easily dressed up a bit more, say with a button-up shirt and maybe a jacket. Available in a range of colors, both year-round and lightweight fabrics; slim and standard fits, chinos can add a subtle brightening effect to your outfit.

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The broad term 'dress pants' is often associated with more formal settings, but they actually can be worn with a crisp t-shirt and clean white sneakers too. Wool dress pants, for example, provide some variability in texture; and getting comfortable with combining dressier and casual pieces is an excellent way to be noticed without trying too hard. Our complete line of dress pants is available here.

At the other end of the spectrum, comfy, easy-going pants are also a must have. Our sweatpants and Everywhere Pants, made of tech fabric that doesn’t look too techy, have been best-sellers. It’s now more popular than ever to wear cozier style pants, and ours have the right fit for short men. Don’t miss out.

How Pants Should Fit on Shorter Men

Unfortunately, a lot of us think our inseam is 30 inches, because that’s just the shortest inseam available from most brands (and what we've been buying and living with most of our lives). Even a 29 inch inseam can make a major difference if you are under 5’9”. Everyone’s proportions are different, but ideally the bottom of your pants should sit right at the top of your shoes, with little or no break. 

Not only does a slight break create a more put-together look, excess fabric bunching up at the ankles (aka 'stacking') will make you look shorter. There’s no way around it, wearing pants that are too long (or too baggy) is simply unflattering. So be sure to measure and know your inseam when you shop for pants, and you’ll be off to a good start.


too much break

(As you can see, even slightly too much break can create a sloppy look)

Your waist should not be too tight, but tight enough that you’d still feel comfortable if you forgot your belt. If you feel confident wearing a slim fit, we encourage you to do so. Slimmer pants flatter short men, creating a sleeker silhouette. Some men prefer a more traditional wider cut, and that works well too. Ours are never too baggy or billowy though.

So now that you’ve discovered pants by Peter Manning NYC, have fun wearing a variety of looks that fit you well. Life is better when shorter guys don’t have to settle.

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