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Roll your sleeves because you want to, not because you have to

Rolling your sleeves on a button up shirt is an easy and effective style move. But for not-so-tall guys, rolling your sleeves on a button up (pre-Peter Manning) was necessary to hide the fact that your sleeves were too long. Fortunately, now we can roll up our sleeves when we want to... not because we have to.

With our shirts, you don't HAVE to roll up your sleeves. But they sure look good if you want to. (And we encourage you to!)

Just right

We've designed our shirt sleeves to hit right at the base of your thumb. This allows for just a hint of cuff to peek out from under a sport jacket or sweater as well as a tidy appearance when wearing the shirt by itself.

Pulled together

The photo below illustrates why it's so essential to nail your sleeve length. Erick wears our Everyday Shirt under our Navy Blazer perfectly, showing just about a quarter inch of cuff.

Not sure how to roll up your sleeves?

Who doesn't need pointers on how to roll your sleeves? Below is a video from The Art of Manliness, an excellent site, for, well, how to be a man. Learn the Master or Italian roll and earn extra style points for life.




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