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Q&A with Nick Wooster

Q&A with Nick Wooster

If you're into men's fashion, chances are you've come across Nick Wooster at one time or another. He's a fashion industry vet with 30+ years under his belt working with the likes of Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein. What many may not know, however, is that behind the expansive resume sits a man standing at 5'7", a fellow Not-So-Tall guy! Now, he's a self-described "Free Agent," consulting for a host of brands while racking up over 800,000 followers on Instagram. 


Q: What is one piece of menswear no man should be without?

A: A navy peacoat. A navy blazer. White or blue oxford cloth shirt. A perfect chino. The secret to each of these items is the fit. When the fit is impeccable, the look is super expensive; and you'll feel better.

Q: Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

A: Everywhere... I am constantly watching people. I love airports as much as runway shows to get inspiration for what and how people are dressing. Of course, movies, television, magazines and books continue to inspire, but nothing compares to walking the streets in London, Paris, Tokyo and New York.

Q: At 5'7", have you found it difficult to find clothes that fit to your liking?

A: I have to say that I don't find it difficult to find clothes that fit the way I would like, only because I work in fashion and I am happy to devote any amount of time to find the right thing. But I can understand how it is a daunting prospect for "normal" guys. My brother finds the process way more frustrating than I do. He has a family and a demanding career so he is looking for the path of least resistance. I, on the other hand, am happy to get into the weeds. And, spending a lot of time in Tokyo--that is Mecca when it comes to finding clothes for us "vertically challenged" guys. 

Nick Wooster Peter Manning

Q: Do you believe the traditional retailers are ignoring the needs of the "Not So Tall"?

A: It's not that I think traditional retailers are ignoring the needs of "us," as much as they don't think about or prioritize them. One secret is to look for European and Asian brands--they are generally going to be cut slimmer and shorter than most American brands. The trade off is they will tend to be more expensive.

Q: Do you feel Peter Manning is filling this need and what do you like most about Peter Manning?

A: I feel that Peter Manning is exactly filling this need and they are prioritizing the needs of men under 5"10".  They are doing the hard work for you--taking some of the trial and error and saving you time and money in excessive alterations.  And you can count on the pieces to be wardrobe staples that will live in your closet a long time.

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