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Peter Manning Button Up Shirts Explained

Peter Manning Button Up Shirts Explained

Everyday Shirt vs. Weekend Shirt vs. Dress Shirt

Peter Manning NYC sells three kinds of button up shirts. All three styles are made specifically for men of modest height, which means they all flatter the ‘not-so-tall’ build (shorter lengths, scaled down details, etc.).

PMNYC Button Up Shirts Compared

But there are subtle differences that set these three shirt styles apart, making each one of them perfect for different occasions.

Everyday Shirt

The best-selling Everyday Shirt is a versatile button up that can be worn tucked in or untucked.

It’s shorter than our Dress Shirts and just slightly longer than our Weekend Shirts (which are meant to be worn untucked).

Untitled photo

Our Everyday Shirts are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and patterns, including poplin, denim and Oxford cloth.

If you could only own one button up, the Everyday Shirt would be a great choice.

Weekend Shirt

The Weekend Shirt is the most casual button up shirt in our collection. Slightly shorter than the Everyday Shirt, the Weekend Shirt is designed to be worn untucked.


Just like the Everyday Shirt, the Weekend Shirts features scaled down details and proper sleeve length. Some of our Weekend Shirts feature button down collars and chest pockets.

Button down collar

If you prefer to wear your shirts untucked, the Weekend Shirt is a great choice.

Untitled photo

Note: Our Short Sleevers are cut like our Weekend Shirts. The only difference is - you guessed it - the sleeve length.

Dress Shirt

Unlike the Everyday Shirt and Weekend Shirt, our Dress Shirts are designed to be worn tucked in.

Dress Shirt white

They’re still a bit shorter than your standard off-the-rack dress shirt (you know, the kind that fits like a dress?), as they’re made specifically for shorter gents.

Our Dress Shirts are available in the same sizes as all of our other shirts, and you can review the size chart for specific neck and sleeve lengths.

The Dress Shirts are made from more luxurious fabrics than the Everyday Shirt and Weekend Shirt. They feature medium spread collars (no buttons) and a clean chest (no pocket).

PMNYC dress shirt

They’re perfect for wearing with suits or business casual outfits (like dress pants or chinos with your shirt tucked in, jacket or no jacket).

Just like our other button ups, they have double button cuffs that accommodate any size wrist (or watch).

Use This Shortcut

We hope this article helps you buy the best shirt for your needs. Just in case you’re still confused, here’s a quick shortcut:

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Ready to buy your new favorite button up shirt? Check out our entire shirt collection today.

Still have questions? Call or email us anytime. We’re always here to help!

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