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How to Wear A Denim Shirt

How to Wear A Denim Shirt

At Peter Manning NYC, we’ve been conscious of building our core collection around men’s style staples. One of our favorites is the denim shirt, available in Slim and Standard cuts in three washes, dark, medium and light.

The denim shirt is rooted in traditional workwear, worn by cowboys and later adopted by musicians and actors.

The naturally rugged material gets even better with wear, softening and taking on the unique wear marks of its owner. Peter Manning sources its denim from famed fabric supplier, Somelos, in Portugal.

Bob Marley and Steve McQueen both loved wearing denim shirts, proving that the style works in Kingston and Hollywood. Our version is a modern update (meant to be worn tucked or untucked) and can be dressed up under a tweed jacket or navy blazer. 

Things To Consider When Buying A Denim Shirt

Consider the fit, finish and construction when shopping for a denim shirt. Ours are made from mid-weight denim with proportionally scaled collars, sleeves and length.


We offer both Slim and Standard Fits. Be realistic about which cut works for your body and choose accordingly. Both are very flattering for not-so-tall guys. Our slim fit denim shirt works well underneath a jacket, sweater or cotton pullover. The standard cut version is an excellent choice for wearing over a T-shirt, perfect for spring or fall.


If you do want to wear jeans with a denim shirt, just make sure the washes contrast. A safe bet for denim on denim is pairing black jeans with a blue denim shirt. If you do embrace blue denim on denim, a light wash shirt with darker jeans is a proven duo.

Our team loves our denim shirts so much that most of us own both washes because they fit so well. For many of us, seeing ourselves in the mirror with a denim shirt untucked with the hem hitting just below the belt line is a wish come true.

Care tips: We wash ours sparingly on the cold water and delicate setting and air dry them.

Three Ways To Wear A Denim Shirt 

Dressed up

Pairing a denim shirt underneath a suit or sport jacket or topcoat is a subtle way to stand out without trying too hard to call attention to yourself.

Office casual

Our denim shirts are ideal for the modern workplace. Even today, jeans may be too casual for the office, but our refined denim shirt will still let you show your love of denim. The key is ours fit better than anyone else's (done is our Everyday Shirt cut).


Now comes the beauty of denim. It’s meant to be worn hard and often. If cowboys could depend on them for daily duty, your Peter Manning Denim Shirt will certainly shine for any outing where you simply feel a T-shirt won't cut it.


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