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Guide to Spring Jackets for Shorter Men

Guide to Spring Jackets for Shorter Men

Peter Manning has a coat for every day of spring’s ever-changing weather. Whether you just need a light jacket for the slightly cool weather or a cold rain is coming, you can find a jacket that will not only look good, work well, but is designed to fit great!

Why one spring jacket might not be enough

Spring is one of those seasons where a single coat may not meet every need. At the very least you want something for casual wear and something for dress. You might wonder why you can’t just wear one coat for every occasion.

Casual jackets usually come to your waist, or at most to your upper hips. If you wear suiting, a casual jacket won’t cover the bottom of your suit or sport coat. Not only will this look bad, but if it starts to rain, you won’t be protecting your clothes. This is where a raincoat or trench coat comes in handy. You would want to wear a coat that reaches your upper thighs – like our Carnegie coat. This will cover the bottom of your sport coat/suit but not get too tangled up in your legs like a full-length trench coat would.

There is also a difference in coat weights. Ideally, getting a coat with a zip out lining helps a coat transition to 3 seasons. Your other option, especially for casual wear, is to add a vest under the coat in early spring, and leave it off once warmer weather arrives.


Regardless of your needs, your coat’s fit is essential to looking good. After all, according to Billy Crystal in his classic sketch on Saturday Night Live: “It’s better to look good than to feel good”. We’ll help you do both. Too-long sleeves, baggy pirate arms, wide bodies, and a coat that covers your butt when it should obviously be at your waist don’t make you feel good or look good.

Lightweight, casual jackets

If you are looking for a lightweight, casual jacket, you can choose from either the Quilted Jacket, or the Bomber Jacket. Both have a cotton/nylon shell with a cotton lining. Which one you’d prefer (if you really feel you need to choose only one) is a matter of details.

Quilted Jacket in navy

The Quilted Jacket has a quilted/textured surface, complementary corduroy binding at the cuffs and front pocket welts, and on the collar. While the body is straight, there are cinch tabs at the waist and cuffs to help customize the fit. You’ll have plenty of storage space: in addition to the 2 front slash pockets, there’s also a chest zip and interior pocket.

Because of the quilting and corduroy accents, the coat gives you a warmer feel than you might want as you move into summer. You might decide to save this for your early spring/light fall coat and choose to wear the our Bomber Jacket looking forward to summer.

Bomber Jacket in grey

The Bomber Jacket comes in a variety of colors such as olive, grey, navy and black. It has a ribbed cuff and waist, with a collar in the same fabric.  Made in a lightweight cotton/nylon fabric, including a water-resistant finish to keep you dry. It doesn’t have as many pockets as the Quilted Jacket, but there are still plenty with two slash pockets and an interior (buttoned) pocket.

Untitled photo

Of course, we can’t leave out our Tech Rain Jacket! It is designed to be a lightweight, waterproof shell (with sealed seams), for those days with unpredictable weather. Not only is it proportionally sized for shorter men (including the hood!), but there are adjustable waist and wrist closures so don’t worry about it hanging below your butt or past your thumbs.

Longer jackets

If you’re looking for something that is a bit longer, our Tribeca Field Jacket is the perfect jacket for you. The coat comes in navy, tobacco, olive and black.

The jacket hits at your upper thighs so you won’t have longer shirts, hoodies, or sweaters sticking out of the bottom. The collar has a corduroy detail to continue the “country” feel of the coat. That doesn’t mean that you won’t love wearing this coat in the city. It’s a fairly slim fit so you won’t look sloppy, and if you need, it has an adjustable waistband and wrist closures.

This coat is also a pocket lover’s dream. Not only does it have four snapped patch pockets on the outside, but there are also two interior patch pockets plus a zippered pocket. The lining is a light flannel plaid for interest. The coat has both button and zipper closures.

Like its inspiration, the classic chore coat from Europe, the Tribeca Field Jacket has the same roomy pockets, pointed collar and button closure and twill fabrication. (You can learn about the history of the chore coat here.) The basic design has been adopted by everyone from workwear companies to top fashion designers. Peter Manning brings you a chore coat designed to fit you properly.


For those times when you just need to look a bit dressier, our Carnegie Coat is the perfect answer. It comes in tan, navy and black, and is our version of a classic car coat. It’s water resistant and long enough to cover your suit jacket without swallowing you up and dragging you down.

The water repellent cotton shell comes with a zip out Primaloft lining, making this a solid three-season jacket. For many of our customers, this has become their go-to coat for dress or casual, rain or shine.

Avoid the oversized, baggy raincoats our dads used to wear (along with Lt. Columbo - see below), and find one that fits!  Keeping everything clean, and unrumpled, is an important factor in your overall appearance.  


We love to layer at Peter Manning, and vests are a great way to do it! They work well as an undergarment on those extra cool days, but if done right, make a great-looking statement on their own. Peter Manning currently offers two versions:  the Flatiron Vest and the (packable) Lightweight Down Vest.

Flatiron Vest in navy

The Flatiron Vest mimics many of the features of the Quilted Jacket. It also comes in navy, black, and olive quilted cotton/nylon with a standing collar and corduroy accents at the collar, plus two slash pockets. The additional front zipped pocket is handy for keeping valuables safe.

Because we are all about fit and comfort, the vest has button cinch tabs at the waist to make sure things fit properly.

Untitled photo

If you feel you need even more added warmth, try our Lightweight Down Vest. Worn alone, this will keep you comfortable through much of spring. If worn under a coat, you won’t be adding much bulk for the increased warmth. You can choose from navy and black if you want it to blend with your coat, or a burgundy if you want to add a pop of color. Plus, they are packable in their own left pocket for a handy travel pillow. 

Final thoughts…

It can be tricky dressing in spring because the weather is so variable. Layering is certainly a good choice – adding a vest in the morning can’t hurt. However, with our choice of jackets you can know that you’ll find the right coat to meet your needs – whether rain or shine, cold or just cool. Wearing coats doesn’t mean that you have to look or feel shapeless and dumpy. Peter Manning coats are designed specifically for our guys. You get great quality construction, thoughtful styling details, and a fit that can’t be beaten.



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