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5 Ways to Wear an Oxford Cloth Shirt: Button-Down Oxford Outfit Ideas for Guys

5 Ways to Wear an Oxford Cloth Shirt: Button-Down Oxford Outfit Ideas for Guys

The OCBD, menswear vernacular for Oxford Cloth Button Down, is a wardrobe classic that easily withstands trends. It’s one of the most versatile shirts in our lineup. The Peter Manning Weekend Oxford remains a perennial bestseller for a reason: it works so well in today’s casual office environment.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, “button down” describes the style of the collar with button fasteners. This makes the shirt inherently casual. Many people confuse the term and use button down to describe any shirt that has buttons fastening the entire length on the front of the shirt. That category is called a button up shirt and means any shirt that is not a pullover.

Our Weekend Oxfords are meant to be worn untucked and come in four solid colors. We’ve added black and burgundy in addition to classic white and blue, for a more modern look.

1. White Weekend Oxford with Jeans

This outfit is timeless. In fact, when in doubt throw this combination on and you’ll be in good shape. A solid white shirt looks good with any skin tone. Paired with classic blue jeans in a slim straight cut, such as our Johnny Stretch Jeans in Slim, this outfit is a very unfussy look for any man. 

You can wear this outfit with a range of shoe choices, from rugged boots to understated simple sneakers. Suede chukkas will also serve you well. 



2. Weekend Oxford and Chinos

If want to give your denim a break, chinos paired with a button-down Oxford-cloth shirt is also an easy-to-wear combination. The Weekend Oxford really complements the subtle look of chinos. If you choose brighter chinos, be sure to wear an understated Weekend Oxford. When you choose something bold to wear, keep the rest of your outfit quiet.


3. With Black Jeans

Black jeans make the Weekend Oxford less preppy. Pair this look with some rugged boots and you're ready for an adventure in the city.


4. Under a V-Neck Sweater

The versatile button-down collar also works well with V-neck sweater, lending a casual yet put-together vibe. The button-down collars keep everything neat below the neck and the V-neck sweater dresses everything up just enough.



5. With Shorts

Sometimes you want to wear shorts but a plain T-shirt might not cut it in certain situations like a first date in the summertime. This is where the Weekend Oxford comes in handy. Roll up the sleeves to stay cool. Most importantly this says you’re making an effort but not trying too hard.



How Do You Wear an Oxford Button Down Shirt?

The answer to this is you can wear our Weekend Oxford in all but more formal occasions. Obviously if you work in a more traditional office environment, we’ll point you in the direction of our Premium Dress Shirts. But if you are a creative or work in a modern tech firm, you can make our Weekend Oxford into an Any-Day-of-the-Week Oxford.

Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirts for Shorter Men

And, of course, here at Peter Manning we feel that proper fit is the foundation. Our Weekend Oxfords have shorter sleeves and body lengths so you don’t look like you are wearing a shirt that isn’t meant to be untucked. 

Check our line of Weekend Oxford shirts here available in Slim Fit and standard. If you need a shirt than can also be tucked in, check our our Everyday Shirts.

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