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Don't Be Afraid of Stripes!

Don't Be Afraid of Stripes!

If there's one piece of 'advice' that we're all tired of hearing through the years, it's that shorter men should never wear stripes. You've probably heard it too, and maybe you've avoided them because the voice in the back of your head says it's a bad idea. Take it from us at PMNYC (this is sort of our wheelhouse), any and every 'not-so-tall' man should be wearing stripes.

The common sentiment is that shorter men should stick to simple vertical stripes alone, and avoid all horizontal stripes. The conversation should really be steered away from the directionality of stripes and focus on the size of the stripes. For the style-savvy, this shouldn't come as a surprise because you likely already apply this principle to other prints. Smaller dots over bigger dots, smaller plaid over bigger plaid, and now narrower stripes over wider stripes. Keep your stripes proportional to your build and you'll be golden.

With all of that said, if you're not convinced, here are 3 more reasons you should be incorporating stripes into your wardrobe.


1. They don't need additional layers

There's no denying that layering is a fantastic way to add depth to simple outfits. But, if the weather calls for losing layers or you're just looking for something that says enough without saying too much, stripes fit the bill. Our new PMNYC Cotton Quarter Zip Sweaters, designed with proper sleeve and body length, are a great example of a striped piece that can stand on its own!


2. It's subtle yet distinctive

Patterns are great for adding visual flare to an otherwise plain outfit. Checks, plaids and prints can set you apart from the crowd; but if that's not your vibe or you're looking for a quieter way to show off your style, stripes will do the trick. They provide a little more visual interest than, and are a nice alternative to, the traditional solid color sweaters we all own. 


3. They can be dressed up!

You have probably seen stripes worn casually on a regular basis, but they're also a great pattern to wear a little (or a lot) more formally. Toss on a striped sweater underneath a blazer for an elevated look. Or, if the opportunity arises, you can't go wrong with a Pinstripe Essex Suit either. Don't overcomplicate them, stripes are really that versatile.

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