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Peter Manning Spring/Summer Style Guide

Peter Manning Spring/Summer Style Guide

With the temperatures reaching the mid-60s this week in New York City it’s time to shift gears with your colors and textures for the spring. Adding color livens up your look and the mood of everyone around you. In addition to adding color, changing up the weight of the fabrics you wear makes all the difference. Swap out your wool items for cotton or linen as the temperatures rise.

Here are some of our favorites ways to refresh our wardrobe this Spring:

Unstructured Blazers

The key component of our blazers is that they are unstructured, meaning it has a minimal canvas and inner lining and a relaxed shoulder. This design results in a more lightweight and breathable jacket with a more casual look. 

Our unstructured blazers are meant to be worn often and even survive being tucked into a weekend bag. The inherently casual nature of this jacket adds to its versatility. You can wear it with a dress shirt and tie, but this style really clicks when you artfully match it with a nicer T-shirt, polo or cotton pullover.

Polo Shirts

Of course you have polo shirts in your wardrobe. They are one of the most versatile items for men. Sometime a T-shirt is just too relaxed for the occasion. Replace that with a well-fitting polo and suddenly you’re dressed appropriately. Even if it’s a very casual setting, no one is going to fault you for putting forth just a little more effort.


Light Color Pants

The same principles apply here with pants. If you’re livening up your outfit with brightly colored pants, keep the rest of the outfit in more muted tones. Brighter pants definitely are an American style staple and evoke coastal living. 

Our stone chinos in Standard and Slim Fit can be paired with classic denim shirt or white Polo for a look that gets noticed without excessive fanfare. 

Untitled photo


While many men might not be ready for a full-blown seersucker suit, we’ve employed the breathable fabric to our Short Sleevers for a more low-key look. Seersucker is woven so that some threads bunch together, which allows the fabric to be held further away from the skin, an subtle cooling effect. 

Untitled photo

Untitled photo



If you love wearing flannel shirts in the fall and winter, you’re a perfect candidate for our Madras Short Sleever, which provides the same bold pattern as a traditional flannel, but in a material that thrives in hotter temperatures.

Men’s style blog Fashion Beans calls the madras shirt, “a perfect type of shirt you need when it’s hot out but you want to look cool.” Its namesake comes from the birthplace of the fabric, Madras (now called Chennai), India.


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