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Why Great Accessories Elevate Your Look

Posted by Li Wang on


This particular outfit straddles the line between casual and business perfectly. The Navy Blazer is the anchor piece with accessories like the tortoise shell eyeglasses, slip-ons sneakers, contrasting pocket square and thin bracelets making the entire ensemble not so predictable.

The anchor

Even if you are wearing a very basic outfit, a few key accessories will make you more stylish. We've talked a lot about watches on this blog and what's so cool about a statement timepiece is there's usually a story behind it. Some are gifts. Some men choose to commemorate a milestone. Pick a watch that suits your personality and make it a consistent feature. A slim steel sport watch will work in 95% of situations. 

"The watch will always be your best opportunity to turn heads with with a simple flick of the wrist," wrote Jake Woolf in GQ. "So if you’re going to make an investment into the world of wristwear, your first big purchase should be something tells time. Use it as the anchor of your wrist-acular adventures, keeping things grounded in the familiar while saucing things up elsewhere."

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 (pictured above) is the perfect size for not-so-tall guys. Tudor is Rolex's sister brand and offers a comparable build quality at a much lower price point.


Our model Vitali is wearing thin woven bracelets, a style favored by Peter, who wears a bunch of them on his right arm as a signature style move. While bracelets and other jewelry (besides a watch and wedding ring) may not be every man's cup of tea, if you want to try out jewelry, a bracelet is good place to start because it's relatively low-key. 

A simple sterling silver cuff by Miansai (pictured above) offers clean look that's bold and not fussy.

Eyewear is one of easiest accessories

Obviously if you are visually impaired make the most out of the situation and choose glasses that are classic and thick. Don't go for a skimpy pair that won't accentuate your face. If you need readers, keep a pair in your jacket pocket for when you need to sign that check.

We can't help but recommended a pair of Warby Parkers on the brand's value proposition alone.

Going sock-less or no-show is a statement

As summer winds down and you still want to hang onto that mid-July feeling, don't wear socks or keep wearing no-show socks. It's the essence of less is more.

A sliver of color

And finally, always have a pocket square ready to stuff into your blazer pocket. Don't overthink it. We prefer toned-down fabrics like chambray (versus silk) to maintain the overall effect of not trying too hard.

Try a wallet-friendly version from

A note on dark denim

Notice how a darker wash jeans gives this outfit a noticeably more elegant feel. It's a good idea to have some jeans that are darker for work and some more worn for weekends and nights out. 



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