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The Denim Jacket for short men

The Denim Jacket for short men

Now that temperatures are finally hitting the 50s in New York City, we’re grabbing our Peter Manning Denim jacket quite often. Getting up for a coffee run, you can be sure that the trusty denim jacket will keep you warm enough and it always adds a dimension to an otherwise plain outfit.

As with our entire line, our denim jacket is designed for short men so that the sleeve and body lengths look right for men 5’8” and under. The classic denim jacket (trucker style based on the Levi’s Type III) should be slightly cropped and for men who are not-so-tall, denim jackets from other brands will likely not have the right look you're going for. 

The easiest way to wear a denim jacket is with chinos. Chinos can be worn anywhere jeans can be worn and you can and should wear them often to give your jeans a break. It’s also easy because almost any color chino will pair well with a denim jacket. Brown, olive, navy, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure your shirt complements your chinos.

black denim with jean jacket

Black denim is also easy to pair with a blue denim jacket as you can give a little bit of a rocker attitude to your outfit without trying too hard. Black denim is a great base for any outfit and paired with a denim jacket, you’ll be blending classic and contemporary.

denim jacket with topcoat

When it's colder out, we also like to use the denim jacket as a midlayer underneath a topcoat. Because denim offers texture and subtle contrasts, it elevates the topcoat’s inherent muted look. Your denim jacket should fit snugly but still allow for enough room across your chest to allow your arms to move freely. Conversely, your topcoat should be roomy enough to fit a sport coat or denim jacket underneath.

denim jacket with corduroy

Corduroys are also a smart choice during this transitional weather to wear with your jean jacket. The strong contrast in textures lends a distinct visual flair. With any denim jacket outfit, what you wear without the jacket needs to work well, so that when you add the jacket the look goes up a few notches.

denim jacket layered

While we did just note that a denim jacket should fit closer to the body (but not too tight), some people do choose to wear it sized up so they can layer a sweater or sweatshirt underneath. If you do choose that route, be sure that your look is intentional. If you like to layer underneath, we advise owning two denim jackets in different sizes.

One of the other reasons we love grabbing our Peter Manning NYC denim jackets is because it truly is a rugged piece of clothing. You can roll up the sleeves, pop the collar, stuff it in your tote bag and it just looks better the more you wear it.

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