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Why I do this.

Posted by Peter Manning on

A friend recently introduced the Peter Manning line to a major retailer and they loved the line but said that they felt they accommodate our customer with in-store tailoring and current sizing. Really? We know most sizing doesn't work for us and we don't want to stop and have everything tailored. It's a drag. Tailoring jeans and pants might help their length but not the overall proportions.  Tailoring sweaters and shirts to the right length doesn't work. So, I do this so short guys can have clothes that fit off the rack, so they can go do the stuff they want to be doing rather than standing at the tailor. I do this because retailors ignore us and think we'll put up with it. I do this because I have discovered how great it is to wear clothes that fit well and I want to share that feeling with other guys. I do this because there are a lot of us, 25% of American men, in fact. I do this because when I hear from happy customers it just makes my day.  

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