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Some thoughts on inseams

Posted by Peter Manning on


Inseams are why I started Peter Manning.  All I ever wanted was to be able to buy pants and wear them right away.

Something funny has been happening since we started.  Men I speak to often think their inseam is 30 inches. We’ll I’m 5’8″ and I have been wearing a 27-inch inseam.  My legs aren’t short and I wear the tallest of the Peter Manning line size.  What is happening?  I finally realized that so many men have been buying 30-inch inseams for so many years because that was the shortest made. They started to believe that was their inseam, even if the pants were too long and they had to be rolled up, or they dragged or bunched around the ankles.

So, the Peter Manning man has to be taught that he can expect the right inseam, and just because the rest of the world says the shortest inseam is 30 inches doesn’t make it true.  We’ve been treated badly for so long we don’t know what it’s like to be treated nicely.  Clothes that fit are a necessity to looking good and feeling great.  So measure the inseam on a pair of pants you’ve shortened, it is probably shorter than 30 inches.

Also, I put on a pair of pants this weekend that I used to wear and like.  I’d had them shortened and thought they looked OK.  But I realized they don’t.  The leg opening at the ankle is too big, because it’s where a taller man's calf would be.  You see, it is not just about a shorter inseam, the whole leg needs to be rescaled.  That’s what we do at Peter Manning. Once you see it in action you can never go back.

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